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Dr. Guy Berard, an early pioneer of AIT with Dr.  Wayne Kirby (right), originator of the Kirby Method of Auditory Integration Training in Antwerp, Belgium in 2000. Dr. Kirby was a presenter at an international conference on Auditory Integration Training.

Auditory Integration Training was developed to enhance the potential of special children and adults with autism, pervasive developmental disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, CAPD and other learning-related challenges. The Kirby Method of AIT has its roots in the early pioneering work of French physicians Dr. Guy Berard and the late Dr. Alfred Tomatis. The Kirby Method is a 21st century version of AIT based upon current science and technology. The only AIT Method to use both computer-controlled binaural narrow-band filtering and classical music.  The Kirby Method of Auditory Integration Training has been used worldwide to improve many aspects of everyday life including sensitivity to noises, social interaction, speech/language development and learning. Trainees listen to electronically processed music during two thirty-minute sessions per day over a ten-day period using a specialized audio system designed to improve attention and focus. We provide quality AIT services, equipment and practitioner training internationally.

AIT Practitioner Training and Certification

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the overwhelming demand for professional training, we will not accept any more trainees for the 2012 calendar year.

 We provide training in the Kirby Method of AIT and sale of the KAM System to professionals with appropriate clinical or teaching experience, documented academic credentials, professional references and  certification/licensure (if applicable).

This is the only software-based AIT system available. The advantage of this PC-based system is the availability of software upgrades that can be downloaded and installed directly from the our website by our certified practitioners. Software upgrades are made available as KAM features are added or changed based on evolving developments in the fields of audiology, neuroscience, psychoacoustics and related fields.

Since we do our training sessions with professionals on a "one-on-one" basis, the specific days are flexible. Typically, training takes place over two days. We do all we possibly can to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals like yourself.

As our schedule permits, we can also travel to your US or foreign site for training (additional fees are applicable). Training is also available from our associate in the Middle East who are medical doctors trained in the Kirby Method. 

 Dr. Kirby studied with Dr. Berard in Annecy, France. In 1999, Dr. Berard certified him to train and certify professional practitioners of his method. After studying audiology and consulting with a professor in the Harvard University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Kirby  realized that many of Berard's claims were erroneous. The Kirby Method of AIT uses classical music exclusively (not the pop music used by Berard practitioners). Classicfal music is used because of the statistical content that mirrors normal brain function (theorizes Professor Anderson of Harvard). The active modulation is determined by the power density spectrum of the music. NOTE: after extensive anaylisis of Berard devices, it appears that those devices cannot effectively modulate classical music.

The Kirby system is the only AIT approach that filters each ear independently and with very specific bandwidths determined by recent research in the fields of psycho- and neuro-acoustics. The Kirby Method of Auditory Integration Training is rooted in Guy Berard's method, but with significant updates and improvements.

AIT Home System

PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting any more orders for the 2012 calendar year.

One of our primary missions is to provide affordable At-Home music technology for people who do not otherwise have convenient access to the services of AIT practitioners who have been trained and certified by Dr. Kirby. We provide at-home AIT equipment and services to clients in virtually every part of the world. 

Dr. Kirby working with Daniel from Caracas, Venezuela